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Welcome to the first ever Bookie Brunch! Created by the marvelous Sasha Soren, the Bookie Brunch is a traveling event where bookish people get together to discuss bookish things. Every Sunday, 5 voracious readers will share their opinions on a particular topic, and you are welcome to join us! Come on in, pour a cup of tea and sit awhile...
Please join me in welcoming Lucy, Irena, Amber, and Michelle to Songs and Stories!

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Question: Are books better with or without love triangles?
Related topics to consider: Do you root for a particular character in the love triangle and why? What is your favorite literary love triangle?
I am so excited to have all of these lovely ladies here for a visit sharing their thoughts on love triangles. This is sure to be fun! 
Lucy, who is enjoying a white chocolate mocha from Starbucks, says:

I personally enjoy books that have love triangles. I know they can be cliche, but it is rather fun to see two people fighting over one person and finding out who ends up with who at the end. Love all the drama! 

I often find myself rooting for a particular character in the love triangle, especially after getting to know the characters. I start to get a feel for who has chemistry and who is just blinded by lust. I usually go for the person who has genuine feelings for the person and isn't blinded by lust.

What is your favorite literary love triangle?
This is a tough one.. I would have to go with Once Every Never right now. I just finished reading an ARC and I have to say this one is excellent (and definitely has plenty of love triangles!). 

Irena, taking a sip from her Irish Breakfast tea with cream and sugar, says:

I used to not mind love triangles in literature. In fact, some love triangles are so well constructed and written that they pull at my heart strings and simply make sense because they are written cleverly and with a purpose. To my mind comes the example of The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux, which is not only my favourite novel to date, but also features one of my favourite love triangles ever written. In the last years, however, love triangles have started to overcrowd the book market, especially the young adult (YA) section, and I have started to see them as a redundant element of a story, mostly because they are present in the majority of such fiction for the sake of being there. I don't feel most love triangles and I have to connect to something in order to like it. So, I have a rule: no love triangles. But every rule has exceptions and so does mine. On occasion, I do enjoy a love triangle. My current favourite one is the Elena-Stefan-Damon one in The Vampire Diaries book series by L.J. Smith. I have also noticed that, if I like a love triangle, I root for the person who is a bit of an outcast because that makes things more fun. But what is most important is that true love wins, not some silly infatuation or fascination with a person.

Are books with love triangles better than the ones without it? Personally, I'd say no, but there are always nice exceptions.

Michelle, with a chocolate ice chai in hand, says:

My answer is YES! (There is a but coming) But, it has to be a plausible triangle, not just the best friend in love with the friend, while the friend loves someone else. The girl has to have real feelings for both boys or the boy has to have real feelings for both girls. I think I love a good love triangle because I will have outbursts while I am reading such as: "Oh my God, she going to kiss him!" or "I knew he was going to catch them!" It's a great addition to any story, if done well. My favorite, bar none, love triangle is Rose, Dimitri and Adrian from The Vampire Academies by Richelle Mead. I loved both of these guys and I think the heartbreak that Rose inflicted on both of them made it better because it made me feel something, and is the best experience from a book when you feel it.
Amber, savoring the taste of her caramel frappe, answers with:

I think I might be the minority here but I still can't get enough of love triangles in my reading as long as it's a balanced love triangle. I've mentioned this many times but I feel like a love triangle is a great way to represent a protagonist's choices for their futures. In general each guy on the triangle represents the kind of life she is choosing for herself. Also, it's an amazing way to make really complex characters as the points of the triangle seem to contrast each other faults and highlight their good points. My major thing is that both sides must be even. I don't like when another guy/girl/love interest is thrown into the plot just because and it's obvious who the main character will pick. I want to be struggling with said main character to pick a favorite.

I must be an adventurer because I tend to lean towards the guy that will offer the most exciting life. My opinion is, what's the point in reading a paranormal novel if the main character is going to spend the rest of the time fleeing from it and the person who represents it in the story? Heck, no! I want the adventure and danger that comes along with said paranormal creature. Likewise, I tend to like the bad boy because he offers a way to shake the main character's life. I'm not into the type that treats the main character like crap but I like him to have a complex past.

For me, one of the best love triangles I've read to date is the one in Nightshade by Andrea Cremer. I flip-flopped between Shay and Ren the entire way through. This is because Ren was the quintessential bad boy-- he had the look and the rebel with a care attitude but was fiercely loyal to Calla. On the other hand, Shay had the bad boy mind-- he questioned authority and encouraged Calla to take her future in her own hands.

If done right, love triangles challenge the main character in ways that one love interest may not. They also instantly cause strife and can really boost the plot. I know I'll read on just to figure out who the lead is going to pick. So while I get why people are tired of them, I'm still for a balanced love triangle. Like a good bogo sale, for me, two is always better than one! (which, you know, isn't to say I don't want the character to choose, I just love to watch the beforehand!)
I stir a generous helping of cream into my iced coffee and answer:

I love a good love triangle. To me, it is a good way to test the depths of the character's love for each other, to see if their romance is something that will fade away or last forever. Also, it puts the characters into situations where their true personalities are revealed. What will they choose? The safe and sweet boy who worships you? Or the wild one you will have to fight for? Which one they pick tells you a lot, as does how they choose.

I almost always root for a particular person immediately. I tend to go for the bad boy in love triangles with two boys, but even more so I go for the one who is more desperate. The one who would do anything for the girl, the one who would give her up for her sake. (I have the same opinion in two girls-one boy love triangles, but I don't think they are nearly as much fun as two boys fighting over a girl. But that's just me.) I also love, love, love a guy with a tragic past. I will pick a boy with a tragic past over the other every time.

Recently I read Shade and Shift (The first two books in the Shade trilogy) by Jeri Smith-Ready and I loved the triangle in them. On one side you had the hopeless ghost Logan, and on the other there was Zach, the cute Scot. Even though Logan was more of a bad boy, I loved Zach from beginning to end. (I also tend to go for the guy more likely to make the girl happy.) I liked that Aura truly loved both of them and did her best to be honest about it, which the boys took (mostly) well. So many love triangles are full of lies and jealousy, and I liked that Shade and Shift had so few lies. (There was still plenty of jealousy, where would be the fun without it?)
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So, ladies and gentlemen, what are your opinions on love triangles? And what are your favorite beverages?

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you decide to visit us again. :)
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  1. Well first of all Irena, I am loving you for having an Irish breakfast tea there is nothing else like it! :)

    Secondly what a great question for the first Bookie Brunch! Personally I love, love triangles in book, even if they are becoming slightly clichéd of late. It's always the struggle between the good guy and the bad guy, right and wrong, what you should go for and what you simply can't resist. Maybe it's just me, but I think the reason why I like love triangles so much is because it mirrors the way I am in real life (not caught in love triangles... wow I wish) but that I always choose the bad guy when there is a perfectly lovely guy waiting in the wings, but for some reason never as enough of an appeal. When played out in books, it's as if the author is saying 'See, other people choose the bad guy as well'.

    As for my favourite love triangle at the moment, It has to Stefan, Elena, Damon. Every girl secretly wants a bit of Damon in their lives...

  2. I can go on about love triangles forever - and are some points I have. I think a love triangle can make or break a book. What I don't understand is that (in ya anyway) there are these girls who are absolute drips and have the personality of a house fly and they have 2 guys chasing after is that FAIR! I just want to scream at the girl to put them out their misery already and at the guys to go and find someone better.

    And then there is the good love triangle. The kind that tears the soul apart and makes my chest go tight at the thought of one of the men being left when they are so in love and care so much. It is depressing just thinking about...

    Sorry if that doesn't make any sense :)

    And my favourite drink would be a nice cupp-a tea :)

    Blethering About Books

  3. Strangely, I haven't read that many books with love triangles. I'm all for love triangles, though, if they are plausible, with real emotions. I also usually root for the odd guy, the one who needs to dig deeper to bring out his good side and his emotions. In any case, I like the love triangles if the characters and relationships between them are well developed and the ending is a result of true love.

    I so knew Irena would mention The Phantom of the Opera and I agree, its love triangle is one of the best love triangles in literature.

    Currently my favourite love triangle is of course Stefan-Elena-Damon from The Vampire Diaries books, too.

    And there is nothing better than a cup of tea:)

  4. Joining in with an afternoon cuppa starbucks via ready brew - christmas blend, milk and dollop of breyer's creamy vanilla ice cream. it's tasting meh. i've gotta try Amber's caramel frappe for next time. it sounds delish.

    I prefer stories without the love triangles. Not much into the love/lust struggle that Lucy mentions above. I think too, that it is sad to see that one of the three will be left alone. Boo-hoo.

    Instead I like to watch banter and the push-pull conflict between a couple-in-the-making.

    Like Irena, I'm all for true love!

    ooo, Michelle, now I must continue with the Vampire Academy series after your mention of Rose-Dimitri-Adrian. I haven't come across Adrian yet.

    LOL - Like a good bogo sale, for me, two is always better than one! -love this line from Amber.

    Jennie makes an interesting point on the bad boy attraction. wonder how the good guys can be made more appealing.

    Alex, I agree, I don't like the unfairness in love triangles. Why can't all three be happy together ;-D

    I like Pepca cheering for the odd guy. He deserves a go, most definitely.

    Lieder, I think the jealousy bit is off-putting for me which is most likely why I lean towards the no on love triangles.

    However, I do like a bit (just a bit) of drama with love triangles that have unusual twists. A sample of a twist would be the Edward-Bella-Jacob triangle in the Twilight series. Loved the connection between Bella and Jacob. Didn't see that one coming.

    Sasha, that Tinkerbell bag is just the cutest!

  5. Okay Bookie Brunch is the most fantabulous idea ever and that question was like the best way to kick it off. Personally, I adore love triangles IF I believe both boys love the girl and aren;t just there for the sake of anything. also stefan-elena-damon from Vampire Diaries is so gorgeous as well as ren-calla-shay.
    Oh and let me add just another one: michael-em-Kaleb. also caramel frappe? CAN I JOIN?!

  6. I'm picky about love triangles, but then again I'm picky about books in general. I think a love triangle can make a book more interesting, or make it completely intolerable and annoying. I like love triangles where the guys (or girls) are both good guys, not douche bags. I don't have patience for girls who would pick a guy who's bad to them, even in fiction.
    The first love triangle that comes to mind that I enjoy is Bella, Edward, and Jacob from Twilight. Both boys are cool and sweet in their own way, both have strong feelings for Bella, and Bella has feelings for both of them. I think it's an interesting part of the story.

  7. @vvb32 reads I insist that you continue reading The Vampire Academies... You won't be disappointed in the love triangle. It takes the last four books of 6 to develop!

    PS Im Michelle from this post :)

  8. @Jennie Yay! I am glad you like the topic. I agree with the good vs. bad thing. I think the reason I like the bad boys is because I have been safe and normal all my life and would love to do something crazy and new. Good guys do not hold as much appeal because they are more familiar.

    @Alex I hate it when the girl is a drip. Or the guy, for that matter. In the book Mermaid the guy was a total jerk and two strong, likable women were in love with him and it bothered me to no end.

    @Pepca Ooh, yes. It must end in true love, otherwise what is the point?

    @vvb32 reads I agree that too much jealousy is off-putting, but having at least some makes the guys more believeable to me.

    @Jazmin Of course you can join! I hope you do!

    @Samantha I think it depends on how bad "bad" is. I have read books where the guy uses rudeness and even cruelty to push a girl away but would die to keep her safe, so to me it is a matter of motivations and perspective.

    @Everybody in general It seems that you all think vampires are the way to go for love triangles and I have not read ANY of the books you have mentioned! I confess I am rather more curious about Vampire Academy than Twilight... :)

  9. Great topic!
    I haven't read a lot of books with love triangles. Recently, in YA books, there has been a sudden increase in love triangles. Sometimes it's fun to read, sometimes too annoying. For instance - when the girl seems to be in love with both guys. How is that possible?? Seriously!
    Like someone said above, when portrayed realistically with believable emotions and some depth, love triangles are great to read about.

  10. Awesome post! It really came out lovely hon!! Thank you again for having me participate on today's post!! :D *HUGS!* :D

  11. This was such a fun idea! Thanks for letting me share my thoughts on love triangles!

  12. i wonder in regards to the vampire diaries if everyone is commenting on the book version of the triangles or the tv version. because i am taken with the tv version moreso than the book.

  13. @vvb32 reads That's a good question... I, too, like the tv series better than the book (and that rarely happens). So for those of you who are familiar with TVD, which do you prefer, the books series or the tv show?

  14. @vvb32 reads and Mflick1
    I prefer the books. I don't know, the show just wasn't right to me. I tend to be wary of TV/movies anyway because they always ruin my favorite books. *crossing my fingers for the Sabriel movie to be awesome*
    Plus, I prefer reading a book to watching a TV/movie adaptation because then I can imagine the characters the way I think they look, the way I think they sound. There's a lot more imagination involved, and I'm very right-brained.

  15. @Samantha, for the most part, I agree I LOVE the book more than any other adaptation. TVD just didn't hold me with the plot line and I also find the tv series is VERY different than the book...its almost a separate story....almost.

  16. Interesting question for discussion. Admittedly, I don't tend to give much thought to love triangles, so maybe I need to pay more attention. Does seem like a device that a lot of authors use to move the plot along, and introduce competing characters -- but I can't think of any that I had strong feelings about, either way.

  17. Love the Bookie Brunch idea!
    Love the topic too! Personally I could take or leave love triangles. If they make sense and enhance the story, then thats great. But lately I've seen so many it's like the writer threw it in because it's some sort of requirement.

    @Alex- I sooo have to agree about the how annoying it is when they are after a drip! (Unfortunetly I see it a lot in real life so maybe it is just art impersonating life?)

  18. @ vvb32 & Mflick 1: as far as TVD is concerned I like the show better at least in comparison to the first two books. There are such big differences between the show and the books that they are practically two different things. However, from the book three on books get better, so I started liking them, too.

  19. What a great idea, thanks for letting me know. x