Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Book Review #9 Relentless by Dean Coonts

by Dean Coonts

Genre: Thriller/Mystery
Age: 16 and up

I am not normally a big fan of Dean Coonts, but my eldest brother is and he borrowed Relentless from the library and I decided to give it a try. The plot and writing is okay, but it was the personalities of the three main characters that kept me reading. Cullen "Cubby" Greenwitch is an author. So is his wife, Penny Boom. They are both successful and popular, him with adult novels and her with her children's stories. Milo, their young son, is a mathematical and scientific prodigy. They all live happily in their big house with their dog Lassie. When a famous critic writes a bad review about Cubby's most recent book, he is a little bothered, but lets it go. Mostly. He does go to a restaurant that he knows the critic, Shearman Waxx, will be eating lunch at. Waxx recognizes him then everything begins to go downhill. Soon the family finds themselves swept up in terrible events beyond their control. The characters are wonderfully quirky, and the conversations between them occasionally reminded me of exchanges with my own relatives.

The profanity in this book is rare and the f-word is never used, I will give it a 5.10.

The only sexuality is in references and mild innuendo, so I will give it a 4.10.

There are several scenes of violence, as well as descriptions of torture, so I will give it a 7.10.

                                                 Lieder Madchen

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