Thursday, March 31, 2011

Book Review #41 The Hollow Kingdom by Clare B. Dunkle

The Hollow Kingdom
by Clare B. Dunkle

Genre: YA Fantasy
Ages: 12 and up

Strange things happen at Hallow Hill. There is a local legend that once every generation, a young woman of marriageable age is stolen away and taken under the hill to be a goblin bride. Kate and her sister Emily know nothing of the stories when they arrive, but it is not long before they learn. They become lost in the woods one evening and a gypsy volunteers to escort them home. Kate knows immediately that something is wrong about him, and her suspicions are proved when she first sees his face. He is the monstrous goblin King, and he has chosen her as his new bride. Kate is determined to keep her freedom, but how can she when no one but Emily believes her story?

I loved this book. When I borrowed it, I did not expect it to catch my imagination so. There were several parts that were creepy enough to send shivers down my spine, others that were sad, and a few that were very sweet. I loved proper, English Kate and vivacious, imaginative Emily. The goblin King, Marak, is a fascinating villain/love interest. My very favorite character, though, was one you did not meet until late in the novel. Charm is an absolutely wonderful conversationalist. His histories of all of the various King's Wives had me laughing more than once. This is the first book in a trilogy, and I have the next two waiting in my room, so I had better finish up here so that I can go read them!

There is no language in this novel.

There is no sexuality in this novel.

I give this a 6.10 for violence because of multiple disturbing murders.

                                             Lieder Madchen


  1. I read this series some time ago and totally enjoyed it! I don't think you will be disappointed in the other 2 books!

  2. Like Deslily above I absolutely adore this series. I think it must the way in which it's written, but I just couldn't put it down. I'm sure you won't be disappointed with the rest.