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Book Review #55: The Resurrection: The Disciples in the 21st Century by Henry Parker

The Resurrection: The Disciples in the 21st Century
by Henry Parker

Genre: Christian Science Fiction
Ages: 14 and up
This book was sent to me in an advance, uncorrected PDF by the author for an honest review.

Author's Synopsis:
Nothing stops Bancroft Enterprises from developing the best in scientific technology, despite the harsh competition. At the height of its power, biomedical technician Clark Ravensdale performs the nearly-impossible: raising six New Testament figures.

Though criticisms from the religious and scientific communities persist, both groups use this project as an opportunity to advance their agendas. In the midst of division, Clark shies away from discussion, hoping that the fierceness subsides and won’t deter his workaholic life. However, those mixed feelings change.

While some have characterized the disciples as primitive, others like Clark notice the abnormal behaviors and uncanny intellect. As more time is spent living with the disciples, a realization comes to mind: perhaps there is more truth to the New Testament than some thought.

I found the premise of this book to be interesting. Not the idea of resurrecting biblical figures, but rather the way those biblical figures would react to the modern world if they were to find themselves here. What would they think of us? What would they say?

This is one of those rare books where both the plot and characters are secondary to the conversations. It was fascinating to read the interactions with between the modern characters and the resurrected disciples. I found it particularly interesting how they responded to such subjects as evolution, art, tolerance, and the Catholic Church. I also found it especially interesting how simple and straightforward the disciple's beliefs were compared to the complicated and sometimes confusing ideas in modern theology.

The one problem I had with this book is that the characters could have been developed a bit more. The disciples seem more like a group than individuals, and you don't really get to know Clark as well as you might like.

There are several loose ends and a rather irritating cliffhanger ending (grr), so I am looking forward to Book 2. I would recommend this book to those who are looking for an interesting and thought-provoking read.

This is not a book for those seeking an action or sci-fi story. The explanation behind the resurrection of the disciples was vague and unlikely. I, personally, did not mind that. When it comes to sci-fi, there are times when the less things are explained the better. There is little by way of "action" in this novel, but that in no way makes the story boring.

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1 (mild) through 10 (extreme)

There was some mild swearing in this book, so I rate it a 2.10.

There was a scene where a guy gawked at a woman's legs, so I give it a 1.10.

There were multiple threats of violence in this book, so I give it a 2.10.

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