Thursday, May 5, 2011

Blog Renovations


I have been messing around with my blog and rearranging things. I now have a new page for my Review Policy and I have also moved my Rating System to a page of its own. I love feedback, so feel free to tell me if you like it, dislike it, and what else you think would be an improvement. Do you like the new rating layout I have been experimenting with on my reviews? Do you think I should move my list of book reviews and favorite things off the sidebar and into their own pages? Let me know what you think. (I appreciate advice even if I decide not to take it.)  :)

                                   Lieder Madchen


  1. I'm somewhat fascinated with review policies, and I love reading other people's. Yours looks great! And for what it's worth, I really like that you have all your reviews listed in your side column. I think it would make it easier for other people to find them, and if they are reading another review, they might notice a book you have read, and click over to that review as well.

    As far as the favorite things you have listed, they look good as they are. Can I suggest maybe making some sort of an "About Me" page, though? I find a lot of people like to get the know the owner behind the blog. If you do this, you could include your list of favorite things on that page as well.

    Hope this helps! :)

    Also, in answer to the question you left on my blog: I emailed Victoria Allen about the TLT Publishing short story contest, and she says that it is open for all age groups, so your YA story ideas would be perfect! :)

  2. Thank you for the feedback, Penelope! I will see what I can do about an "About Me" page. As for the reviews on the side, I like having them there,too, but eventually they will take up too much space. I am thinking about making an archive page and only keeping the current year's worth of reviews on the side.

    Thank you for taking the trouble to ask about the short story!