Saturday, March 26, 2011

Book Review #38 Mr. Darcy's Obsession by Abigail Reynolds

Mr. Darcy's Obsession
by Abigail Reynolds

Genre: Romance
Ages: 15 and up

What if Elizabeth Bennet was called away from Rosings before Mr. Darcy could propose? What if the reason she was called away was that her father was deathly ill? What if her path and Darcy's didn't cross again for two years?
Mr. Darcy is surprised when, two years after Elizabeth's visit to Rosings, his good friend Charles Bingley mentions having seen her. He learns that Mr. Bennet is dead, Jane is married to a much older shopkeeper, and Elizabeth is living with her aunt and uncle and is taking care of their children. One time, Darcy tells himself, he would go to see Elizabeth one time, just to reassure himself of her well-being and happiness. But once he does, he finds himself unable to stay away.
This book is all about Mr. Darcy. If you were not in love with him before reading this book, you will be long before you finish it. He has some absolutely wonderful romantic speeches. The romance in this book is beautiful. They have some dreadful misunderstandings, but it is so sweet when they make up. Jane and Bingley's relationship has even more obstacles, to the point where you begin to wonder if they will ever end up together. In addition to the traditional personages, there are some wonderful new characters. I especially enjoyed meeting Darcy's urchin spy and the highly eccentric Aunt Augusta. I also liked the way Darcy came to realize that his family was just as objectionable as Elizabeth's, albeit in different ways.
It took me one sitting of approximately three hours (very early in the morning) to read this novel after my copy arrived from Amazon. When I started it, I meant to only read a couple of chapters before turning the lights out, but then I could not help but read it all the way through.

I rate this a 2.10 in profanity for a few mild swearwords.

I give this a 3.10 in sexuality for multiple references, innuendos, and illegitimate pregnancies.

An attempted rape and an unpleasant medical scene rate this book a 4.10.

                               Lieder Madchen

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  1. I love Reynolds' variations! The Jane and Bingley storyline was so sad, but I liked that Reynolds involved them more in the story and did something different with them.