Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Book Review #24 A True Princess by Diane Zahler

A True Princess
by Diane Zahler

Genre: Juvenile Fantasy / Fairy-Tale
Suitable for all ages.

The life of an orphan girl who cannot cook porridge is not an easy one, as Lilia has reason to know. She was discovered in a wrapped in a rainbow blanket in a basket that had floated down the river from the north and nobody knew who she might be. A kind man with two children of his own took her in, but his new wife was not so kind. She treated Lilia like a servant and when it came time to have a child of her own she was determined to send Lilia to a new, more cruel, master. Lilia ran away without telling anyone, but her two friends, Kai and Karina, followed her. (They didn't like their stepmother any more than she did.) Lilia had decided to travel up north in an attempt to find her real family, and her friends were determined to accompany her. Their journey leads them into a dark forest full of magical creature, and when Kai is kidnapped by the Elf King, Lilia is the only one who can save him.                     
This is a lovely, sweet story that has elements from several fairy-tales and legends, including The Princess and the Pea, The Snow Queen, The Pied Piper of Hamlin and Norse mythology. (I love the cover, isn't it beautiful?) This is Diane Zahler's second novel and I hope she writes a third. This is another one I can give to my sisters. :)

There is no sex or violence in this novel.

There are a couple of brief scenes of violence, for which I give it a 3.10.

                                                   Lieder Madchen

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