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Book Review #71: The Wolf of Tebron by C.S. Lakin

The Wolf of Tebron
by C.S. Lakin

Genre: Christian Fantasy / Fairytale
Ages: 13 and up
I received an e-book of this from NetGalley for review.

Amazon Description:
A young blacksmith must undertake a perilous journey to the four ends of the world to rescue his wife, who is held captive by the Moon. Along the way, he befriends a powerful wolf who encourages, protects, and ultimately sacrifices his life to save his human friend. A stirring allegory of God's love in classic fairy tale tradition.

My Review:
I was slow to get into this book because Joran was so incredibly whiny and obtuse. At the beginning, you learn that he has sent his wife away for some unrevealed reason and it is pretty obvious that he was an idiot about it. Then, after she disappears, he waits two weeks before starting his quest to find and rescue her. On the journey, he complains about everything and if it wasn't for Ruyah (his wolf friend) he wouldn't have stood a chance. However, in his favor, Joran is always kind to animals and polite to others, and he is willing to find his wife even though he believes her to have betrayed him. Slowly, throughout the novel, Joran's character and personality steadily improves until I almost liked him.

I loved Bryp and Cielle. The quirkiness of those two characters softened my annoyance with Joran and made me laugh a couple of times. It was hard to care much about Charris (Joran's wife) because she was hardly in the story. All references and descriptions of her were dubious at best, and soon after you actually meet her the book ends.

The story itself was a little bit like a dream sequence; I half expected Joran to wake up and find out that none of it had been real. Dreams did play an important part in the plot. Many of Joran's troubles at first and his salvation later were his abilities to make his dreams and emotions into reality without intending to. His anger at Charris kept her imprisoned and other emotions such as despair and grief caused other thing to happen. (I won't give away too much of the story.) It was an interesting idea and well written.

I am glad I read this book. Once I got into it, it was interesting and enjoyable.
1 (mild) through 10 (extreme).

There was no profanity in this book.

I give this a 1.10 for some mild hints and brief insinuations.

There were a few scenes of violence, some involving injuries, but nothing nasty. I give it a 3.10.

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