Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Book Review #93: Burden of Blood by Wenona Hulsey

Burden of Blood
by Wenona Hulsey

Genre: Fantasy / Paranormal / Urban Fantasy
Ages: 16 and up
I received an e-book of this from the author as part of a blog tour hosted by The Bookish Snob Promotions.

No one wants to know everyone’s darkest secrets, especially not police officer, Nicole Keenan. All she wants is a blissfully normal life in the small, Alabama town where she was born. But as generations of power running through her veins start to wake up, an ancient grudge is ignited that threatens to push her over the edge. She can hardly believe in what she is, let alone that a dark force will not stop until she's joins them. Or is dead.
Nicole Keenan's life enters into a dangerous dance with warriors and gothic fairies. Southern tradition collides with Irish folklore as she learns about love, heartbreak, and The Burden of Blood.
My Review:
I liked this book right from the beginning. Nicole is a smart, tough police officer with a very interesting ability. She can hear people's bad thoughts. This is really hard for her sometimes because she can only hear the worst in people, but still she manages to keep from going insane and uses her talent to help people. Her abilities grow stronger and change throughout the book as she learns more about her heritage.

Luke, her partner, complements her perfectly. He is understanding and kind, but full of surprises and a stubborn streak. Because both he and Nicole are such strong and smart protagonists, it is a lot of fun watching their relationship develop.

This book is fast-paced and from beginning to an end that leaves you begging for more, though not torturing you with an evil cliffhanger. I can't wait until book 2 comes out.

I would recommend this book to lovers of urban fantasy and strong heroines.

Content Ratings: Profanity, Sexuality and Violence
1 (mild) through 10 (extreme).

I rate it an 8.10 for a few uses of the f-word.

I rate it a 5.10 for attempted rape, possible off-scene rape, and some sensuality.

I rate it a 7.10 for attempted murder and torture.

I was lucky enough to have a chance to ask Wenona Hulsey a few questions, so you can read her answers here and enter to win an e-copy of her prequel novella, Blood Awakening.

                          Lieder Madchen

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