Monday, August 15, 2011

Nelle, Author's Note

You may remember that I mentioned on an earlier post that Nelle is part of a planned series. In every legend of King Arthur, it is said that he will return in England's darkest hour. In this series I am working on, he and his knights rise to save England and build a new kingdom. Of course, the world has changed. What would happen if a group of people claiming to be reincarnated mythical heroes took over a country? A lot of people would be asking questions, which is where Prof. Melanie Vern comes in. This is sort of the prologue to the prologue. 


Author’s Note
My name is Prof. Melanie Vern, Ph.D. I teach a legends and mythology class at William and Mary College and I love my job. My specialty is the study of Arthurian legends. You know the stories. The Quest for the Holy Grail. Lancelot and Guinevere. Gawain and the Green Knight. They are such beautiful, powerful tales, and I have loved them ever since I was a small child who listened to bedtime stories that told of the brave and chivalrous deeds of the Knights of the Round Table. I used to dream that I was one of the great ladies that they fought for (or over). Guinevere, Lyonesse, Vivienne, Morgana le Fay.

Little did I know that one day I would sit amongst them, gossiping and giggling like schoolgirls. But here I am.

Because of my extensive knowledge of the legends, I was one of the first Americans to be sent to New Camelot, one of the first to stand in the presence of history and myth, one of the first to meet Arthur Pendragon face to face. No one believed that the stories were true, that Arthur had indeed returned in England’s darkest hour. No one but me, and even then it was more a hope than a belief.

They have chosen me to tell their stories, to make sure that the truth is known. I have spent many hours in the presence of legends, hearing of their true adventures from their own lips. I have seen Lancelot weep with shame and Gawain bow his head with remembered grief. I have heard Vivienne speak of the giving of Excalibur, and Arthur describe the wielding of it. I have done my best to faithfully record all of these things so that I can tell them to you as they were told unto me.

The manuscript you now hold in your hands tells the truth behind my very favorite legend, that of Sir Gawain and the Loathly Lady, that beautiful tale of how the bravest of all of Arthur’s knights came to win his bride.


So, what do you think? Please, please, please leave a comment after reading. I am hoping for feedback and advice. :)

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