Monday, August 1, 2011

Blog/Vacation News & Miscellanea

Hello! I am back from my lovely week in Washington and trying to catch up on all things blog-related. I had a grand time hanging out with my brother and his wife. We played the end of Halo 2 (having started it on a previous date), Halo 3, Halo ODST, Halo Reach and Rock Band (I feel very geeky having played so many computer games in such a short time, but it was fun!). We also wandered around Pike's Market and went to a delicious Mongolian grill. Now that I am back, my sister and her family have come up from New Mexico to visit and so I have been having fun playing with my adorable nieces.

This is mostly a random post of news and fun things that have been going on. (List is in chronological order.)

1. YA Bachelor Month is over and Jace won! You can go here to see the winner's post. Thank you so much for voting for my post and Jace! It is sad that this event is over because I had so much fun reading all the posts and meeting so many cute fictional guys. :)

2. I won a writing contest over on Novel Novice, as well as a copy of Divergent! (I am Natalie R.)

3. The lovely Aimee Renee gave me a blog award which I will be passing on to 5 other bloggers within the next few days, so I will go into that more on a separate post. :)

4. I have been invited to join the new collaborative blog, A Book Lover's Dream, as a reviewer, which looks like that will be a lot of fun!

As some of you may have noticed, I am very close to hitting 100 followers. When I do, I have decided to have a giveaway for a few of the lovely books I have picked up over the past few months. The more followers I gain, the more winners there will be. :)

I hope you are all having as wonderful a summer as I am!

                            Lieder Madchen

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  1. Welcome back. It sounds like you were busy with family and the blog word kept giving you great news.