Sunday, August 7, 2011

Serial Novel Poll Results, And the Winner is...

Well, technically there was no winner and I got tired of inconclusive polls so I just removed the silly thing and decided to make up my own mind. There were two votes for Blackbirds, two votes for Nelle and one vote for the Untitled YA Contemporary Fantasy (which is actually coming along very nicely in my head...).

So, thinking about the stories, I really think that Blackbirds is going to be one of my best novels when I manage to write them down, so I am going to save that one and try to get it published (wish me luck!). The UYACF is still in a rather amorphous state at the present so I am not quite prepared to type it, which leaves Nelle. Not that Nelle is the last choice by any means, I have been working on her for close to three years now and she is one of my favorites.

Now, I am thinking that this will be a bi-monthly post that is put up every other Monday. On the Mondays without story posts, I will probably put up a teaser or a little bit of background information just for the fun of it. I will try to start this month, but the first post may not show up until September. However, I may start putting up teasers as soon as tomorrow, because I am evil that way. :)

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