Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Random Magic Tour: Pirates! Bonus: Color-Me-Pirate

Random Magic Tour: Pirates!
Bonus: Color-Me-Pirate
May 18 (Songs and Stories)

Here be a fun pirate game to play during Random Magic Tour: Pirates! if ye’d like to experiment with a cheery palette of colors and some cool pirate looks. The world of Random Magic is a vivid place, painted in bold and brilliant colors. The characters of Random Magic are just as colorful, from their off beat personalities right down to the clothes they wear, including the crew of bloodthirsty pirates that our heroes (Winnie and Henry) meet on their sea journey. Yes, even the pirates are a bit over the top, including the dastardly-- and decorative-- Captain Jack:

Winnie and Henry sat uncomfortably on a rotten barrel, under the baleful eye of Captain Jack. The king of sea thieves was decked out in eye patch, peg leg, curly black hair, and big floppy hat with a floofy ostrich feather, as if he’d stepped out of a coloring book about pirates.

Shown above: Quote from Random Magic by Sasha Soren. If you’d like to know a little more about the story, the book trailer is right here:

Shown above: Random Magic, by Sasha Soren.
Find Random Magic: AmazonKindle

In the meantime, here’s a fun little diversion on Random Magic Tour: Pirates!, feel free to play with colors and fashion as long as you like, in this cheerful Color-Me-Pirate widget.

 How to play: You’re presented with a pirate and a selection of clothing and colors to use, and the sample wardrobe items are shown above. When you’re using the actual widget, you’ll see these items on your screen. Just click on the item to add to your pirate, or click on the color you’d like to use for your pirate’s hair, eyes, and so on. Here’s a quick sample image, to see what your pirate might look like:

And here’s the link, so you can make your own! Play Color-Me-Pirate!

If you’d like to find more cool piratey things, feel free to join us on the tour, there’s a lot going on --features about pirate grub, gear and eats, music and games, a great art series called Queens of the Sea, an interesting series on pirate queens, lots of prizes and a fun treasure hunt. Set sail with us! Browse the tour schedule. Here's another interesting tour feature you might also enjoy:

The main Rum + Plunder treasure hunt is open internationally! Here’s a fun way to win something piratey and cool: Browse prizes or join the hunt…

 Bonus: Find even more pirate plunder, with Little Pirate Prizes, these aren't marked on the schedule and they're not part of the hunt, but they’re out there for visitors to find and they could be ANYWHERE. Find some Little Pirate Prizes .

Have fun and good luck!


  1. I love dress up games, that was adorable XD

  2. Oo..I love that activity! Its so cute!! :D