Sunday, April 29, 2012

Switching from Port to Starboad - A Guest Post from Claudia Gray

Hi! Today it is my great pleasure to have Claudia Gray visiting as part of a blog hop for her wonderful historical paranormal romance Fateful (Quite the mouthful of genres). She has an entertaining and informative post to share. :)

Switching from Port to Starboard - From Vampires to Werewolves
by Claudia Gray

When I first thought of writing something on the Titanic, I was still finishing up AFTERLIFE, and beginning to plot BALTHAZAR. So my natural first idea was, I’ll put a vampire on the Titanic!

Only later did I realize this was a bad idea. A very, very bad idea.

First of all – in the EVERNIGHT world, as in many traditional legends, vampires find it extremely tough to cross running water. They can do it, but it’s difficult, and it hurts them, and if they’re above (or in) water for too long, they become completely incapacitated.

The Atlantic Ocean = running water.

Would it have been possible for a vampire to board the Titanic? Well, sure. Back in those days, if you were going to travel from Europe to North America, you weren’t going to be able to do it any other way. But EVERNIGHT vampires would feel sick as soon as they got on board. They’d immediately go to their cabins, lie down and pretty much pass out. Someone would ultimately wake them when they got to port, at which time they could stagger off the ship, take a few deep breaths, and feel all better (and probably quite well rested.)

Vampires napping = not a fascinating, drama-packed adventure.

Also, as we know, the Titanic would not peacefully make port. She sank in the North Atlantic. Would the vampires even wake up during the sinking? Maybe not!

Napping through the sinking of the Titanic = just sad, really.

Instead, the vampires would probably wind up coming too when they were no longer above running water, but actually on the ocean floor. They’d still feel rotten (running water all around), but they’d probably at least come to. And man, would they be ticked off. Their cabin is wrecked. Their luggage is ruined. There are tons of dead humans around, but their blood is too cold to drink. And they’re still hundreds of miles from where they want to be.

And then there would be the thrilling conclusion, in which a vampire in a bad mood trudges through the silt on the ocean floor and walks to New York City, there to clamber up on the pier and mope while soaking wet.

Yeah, I wasn’t going there.

But then I thought – werewolves.

You see, a werewolf would have a serious problem aboard the Titanic. Whether you are the kind of werewolf who is trying not to eat people, or the kind of werewolf who is trying not to get caught eating people, you have one big priority: Privacy. You need to be alone to change. You need to be contained while you’re all wolfy. And you need your secret to never, ever come out.

But on the Titanic, privacy would be hard to come by. Those cabins were all right next to one another – and even in the finest accommodations, like the promenade suites taken by John Jacob Astor (in reality) and the Marlowes (in FATEFUL), neighbors would probably be able to hear. Yet, once again – it was the fastest way to make that trip, if it had to be made.

So now I not only had a great supernatural creature to work with, but I had plenty of suspense to sustain the story. And fun questions to answer as I looked at ship blueprints, like, “If I were a werewolf, what rooms on the Titanic would I try to lock myself into?”

Yes, it was time for the switch, and I never looked back!


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