Sunday, November 6, 2011

Time to Write: NaNoWriMo Style

Hi! I am participating in NaNoWriMo for the first time this year and I am very excited and very nervous. I am a procrastinator born and bred and I have put off actually typing my stories time and time again, but I am determined to write and keep on writing despite myself. So far, I am 2550 words into my epic fantasy novel. (I've been sick the last few days and so not on the computer. I am so far behind it is not even funny.) In preparation for this month, I have kept blog tour posts to a minimum (three for the whole month) and you will not see very many reviews from me until January. My posts will be sporadic at best until after the holidays.

The lovely Sasha Soren has planned a series of posts for the month. Every day, you will be able to read a short post with advice and inspiration to keep you motivated and energetic in the long days of typing ahead. (Click on the button above for more details.)
Along with the series of posts, Sasha has come up with the Two-Hour Pledge. To take the Pledge, promise yourself that you will write for at least two hours every day and put the badge up on your sidebar.

Two-Hour Pledge: I pledge to write for a minimum of two hours every day in November 2011, during NaNoWriMo. I can write for more than two hours, but not less.

I have decided to take this pledge and keep to it. :)

Below you can find the links to all of the Take Five posts so far. I have read all of the posts and they have some fun stuff as well as good advice. (After all, this is Sasha that we are talking about.)

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