Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Normal Life - A Short Story by Me

I recently wrote a short story entitled A Normal Life. It takes place in a small city not far from where I live so all of the locations are real. I came up with the idea when I was sitting in the park under a tree, the same tree my character Laurel sits under, and I thought about what my life might have been like if if I had been born to different, less loving parents.

A Normal Life is the story of a girl with a secret who wants only to be ordinary. Here is a teaser:

The sun was shining with mellow warmth, so no one was really interested in swimming. As the others debated whether they wanted to run up the dune or get some lunch first, Laurel headed straight for the beach. She had never seen the ocean before, and she was mesmerized. Her knee-length skirt swirled in the breeze as she stepped into the surf. A smile of pure, unadulterated delight spread over her face as she closed her eyes and began to spin in circles, her arms flung out around her. She didn’t know if the others were watching, and at the moment she couldn’t care less. She had found beauty.

After several moments of uninhibited bliss, she felt hands capture hers. She didn’t have to open her eyes to know that they belonged to Matt, and her smile grew even more radiant. She let him guide her, leading her in a waltz across the water, never opening her eyes. She knew he would not let her fall.

I have published it in its entirety of the TeenInk website, and you can read it here. The site categorizes it as a novel, but it isn't very long. I would be extremely grateful if you would leave a comment with some feedback about what parts you liked most and what parts you thought could have been done better. Thank you so much!

                             Lieder Madchen

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