Saturday, October 20, 2012

On my way to Steamcon & the Tale of the Marvelous Hat

I'm going to Steamcon! This is so exciting! Tomorrow, my brother and his wife are going to pick me up and I'm going to stay with them for a week and a half, playing games, exploring the Seattle area and then, on the 26th through 28th, I'll be at Steamcon! After that, on Nov. 1st all the museums in Seattle are free, so we're going to go to the Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum. It's going to be wonderful. :)

My sister, Livvy, and I have been working on my Steamcon costume, which includes a truly marvelous hat which I have named Sophronia. Here are some pics where we discover the truly difficult art of millinery. There might be some other random pics thrown in, too. :P

 A pair of goggles my sisters found in an old tree stump.

My Powell's order that showed up in the midst of this.

 Livvy trying out the hat brim.

 The top of the hat, which we just had to doodle on.

 A scarf and pair of earrings I picked up at Target and Fred Meyer, respectively. I'm going as a gypsy for the second day. :)

Livvy ironing cardboard for the hat brim.

 The fabric we used to cover the hat.

 More doodles...We mistakenly believed that haberdashery was another word for millinery. By the time we discovered our mistake, it was too late.
Even more doodles...I know, I spelled 'beauteous' wrong. I figured it out about 2 seconds after I wrote it, but it was too late.

Livvy's doodles...

  Clamps and a hot glue gun, very professional.

 More of Livvy's doodles.

Box cutting...lots of box cutting.

Me goofing off...

 It's beginning to look like a hat. The names are names of steampunk characters I've invented recently.

 Pretty flowers...

 Adding fabric...

 Putting it together.

Pretty fall color...

 More clamps, but we're using super glue this time.

 Messing with the camera settings while waiting for the glue to dry. This is called the 'fish eye effect'.

 Goggles are coming along nicely.

 Now for the straps.

 Lovely ribbon to trim the hat.

 Little sister M trying on the hat.

 Me trying on the hat.

 My trying on the goggles.

Livvy with goggles. I just really like this picture. :)

For the rest of my costume, you will just have to wait until I post my pictures from Steamcon. :)

                               Lieder Madchen


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