Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Taking over the blogosphere this July: A Random Magic Video Week!

Coming Soon: 
Video Week: Random Magic  
(July 21-30, 2012)

You are cordially invited to join us for an entertaining week of cool 
reviews and creative features from vloggers around the world. 
We're featuring the book Random Magic, by Sasha Soren. 
To see the schedule of marvelous events, go here.

The book: Random Magic, by Sasha Soren
Print | Kindle | Twitter | YouTube
Plus: Win some cool stuff! (Info TBA after June 15, 2012) 
Browse the tour schedule here, if you like: 
Video Week: Random Magic.
Be sure to stop by for a spot of tea and some lovely biscuits and 
jam. While I will not be one of the featured artists, you can be 
sure that I will be applauding them all from the front row.
It is not an event to be missed. 
             Lieder Madchen 

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