Saturday, May 5, 2012

Is anyone on Figment?

In the past few weeks, I have become hopelessly addicted to Figment. I have spent hours and hours writing, reading and swapping stories. Their prompts are fantastic and all of the members are really nice, so if you have a story or story ideas, I would really recommend getting an account there if you don't have one already.

Just yesterday I wrote a story for the prompt of somebody being tempted called The Sweetest Taste where a beggar girl in Victorian England is tempted to steal an apple. Mostly I was just playing around with descriptions. :)

A week ago, I wrote a story for the prompt of someone at war with themselves. It's called Maybe Tomorrow and you don't know what Callie is fighting until the end. There will be a second chapter and perhaps more after the contest ends, due to popular demand and the fact that I got an idea... :)

My story Forgive Me has made 62 people cry, which is kind of cool strictly from an author's point of view. I know, I'm mean. It has also made 106 people go wow, which just makes me happy.

Also, you can read a snippet of my novel, THE novel, that I am writing with the intention of publishing when it is done. I only have about 13,000 words at the moment, but it is growing every day. It is tentatively titled Blackbirds for the time being, but that may change.

A Normal Life, a short story I wrote last year, is going to become a novel with lots of editing, adjustment and expansion on the characters and storyline. As it is I am probably going to salvage a few scenes and scrap the rest.

There are also a few other bits and pieces from my imagination that I would really love feedback on, either on this post or on Figment, but those five are the most important.. So please stop by, say hello and read my stories!

                               Lieder Madchen

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  1. This sounds like a fun site! It reminds me of a web site called Thinking Ten, which also gives prompts. You get 10 minutes to write, which helps encourage you to put your thoughts on paper before you let the perfectionism take over. I could never get my story into 10 minutes though (obviously I'm too much of a perfectionist).