Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Concert and Dinner Dance

I would like to invite all of you in the Portland, OR. area to the Liedertafel Harmonie's annual Spring concert. April 16, starting at 6 o'clock p.m., is an evening of music, dancing, and German food. (Which is pretty yummy.) The dancing might be just a little crazy because some of us (meaning me) don't actually know how to dance but do it anyway. The Frohsinn Men's Choir will be joining us in our singing. The songs will mostly be in German, but I know that at least one American song will be performed. (And there is that one Irish song that was translated into German, I still don't quite understand why, but it is a pretty song.) You do not have to know German to have fun (I certainly don't) and we love to see new people.

Admission is $25 per person, that includes dinner but not drinks.
For a reservation, please call us at 503-236-6081 or 503-244-5736 or e-mail us at .

                                             I hope to see you there!
                                                        Lieder Madchen

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