Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Introducing Me.

This is my first blog and I am not quite sure what I am doing as of yet. After the failure of numerous diaries, I gave up on that avenue of expression and decided to try this out for a change. I plan to post stories, songs, book reviews, pictures, and maybe the occasional anecdote. Of course, who knows if it will go as planned.
        To begin, I believe that the polite thing to do is introduce myself. I am sixteen years old and the fifth of nine children. I am not exactly the typical modern teenage girl, though sometimes I wish I was. I refuse to bow to the current fashions of tight clothes that reveal more skin than they cover, or punctuate my sentences with slang or swearwords. Most of my time is spent reading, singing, and inventing my own stories. (Along with the unavoideable amount of time spent studying.) I especially love British mini-series and novels. (Which you can probably tell from my overly formal mode of address, I don't talk in this manner, but I can't help but write in it.) Fantasy is a weakness of mine, my mom often tells me that I spend too much time locked in my room reading "candy" at ridiculously early hours. (Such as 3 o'clock in the morning.) I am the youngest member of a German Choir, to which I was introduced by my sister's husband's mother. (How is that for convoluted?) I have traveled to Germany, and have been attempting to learn the language. (With minimal success, my brother has a far better accent.) I am the official cat-sitter to some of my neighbors, as well as laundry and dish-washer to my family. (I prefer this to yardwork.) Our seven goats and three cats love me because I am the first to feed them in the morning. (The dog is someone else's problem.) I have three nieces and one nephew, and I adore them all. (Most of the time.) My siblings and I enjoy watching terrible movies in order to make fun of them in the tradition of Mystery Science Theater. My mom loves genealogy, so I happen to know that my family used to own half of the castles in England, and I am my own cousin multiple times. Dad has a sense of humor that in turns has us in fits of laughter or embarrassment. Of my brothers, three of them spend far too much time on computers, one writes stories that often border on the bizarre, and the youngest recently turned seven. When it comes to sisters, the eldest is married and lives too far away with her beautiful daughters and military husband, and my two younger sisters are silly in the extreme and well aware of it, thank you very much. My favorite school subjects are history and vocabulary, my least are math and science. My dream career would be as a concert singer and author. As for my appearance, I am five foot four inches with hazel-green eyes and long brown hair. I expect that this is an introduction that few will care to read and those who do will be bored to tears, but oh, well. This is me.

Thanks for sticking with me,
Lieder Madchen

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