Sunday, June 5, 2011

Father's Day Reading Challenge

Welcome to the Father's Day Reading Challenge. This is the first challenge that I have come up with rather than just joined, so feel free to make suggestions if it seems like I am doing something silly.

The Father's Day Reading Challenge starts today and will run through June 25th. The purpose of this challenge is to share books that your dad shared with you. These books can be anything from the kid's books he read to you as a child or the adult novels and authors he introduced to you as you got older.
For example, my dad read the entire Chronicles of Narnia series to me when I was younger and started me reading the works of Robert Ludlum and Clive Cussler when I was old enough. Currently he is trying to convince me to read Stephen King, but I have not yet been swayed.

You can participate in this challenge in a variety of ways. You can write book reviews, share memories or basically post whatever you want so long as it is related to your dad. All you have to do to sign up is leave a comment saying you want to participate and grab the pic above to put in your sidebar with a link back here so that others can check it out. When you post something, just link it below and leave a comment.

Here are the levels of participation. You can change your level at any time or ignore them entirely, they are just for fun.

Infant: Share 1 book
Toddler: Share 5 books
Kid: Share 7 books
Teen: Share 10 books
Adult: Share 15 books

Okay, so maybe 15 books is a lot to ask for a challenge that only lasts 20 days, but I will be highly impressed if somebody does it.

Have fun and Happy Father's Day!

                                            Lieder Madchen

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